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A server is engineered to manage, store, send and process data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For these reasons, servers need to be far more reliable than their desktop counterparts. In order to accomplish this, servers offer a variety of features not typically found in a desktop PC. Priority Business Systems incorporates these features into all of it's server builds. 

Let us help you plan out your new server that will help your business productivity, management and availability of your data.  From Domain Controllers, File Servers, Backups to email.  With many years or experience we can provide the server and service that fit your needs.


  • Domain

  • Application

  • Exchange

  • Database

  • Backups

  • Print

  • Terminal

  • File


  • File and network security

  • Management of users and programs

  • Increased reliability

  • Decreased workflow interruptions

  • Centralized data storage and shared resources

  • Centralized backup


Priority Business Systems will match your PC to your exact needs.  From a basic PC to a higher end graphics PC or C.A.D. unit, we build our PCs with the best array of component choices available today. We assemble them with care using non-proprietary parts, extensively tested and optimized, they are powerful, quiet, and reliable.  

Some of the options available are operating system (Windows 7, Windows 10), storage (SSD and/or hard drive), internal memory size, processor speeds, graphics chip, etc.  We also offer Microsoft Office (Professional, Home & Business, or Home & Student) that we can install at the time of your PC build.

To round out the deal we offer a 3 Year Parts Warranty standard.  To keep you up and running as quickly as possible we carry spare parts in stock in the rare event you encounter a hardware problem.


On a regular basis we have in stock a variety of affordable refurbished PC's and laptops.  These PC's are still powerful enough to run most current programs.  We offer models with Windows 7 or Windows 10, Home or Professional.

While the warranties are not nearly as long as our new PBS built PC's, the price tag on these is attractive for those looking to save. 

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