Priority Business Systems works with your business to understand the requirements to design and implement an appropriate plan. The network plan requires a working knowledge of what functions, security, performance are critical to allow your business processes to function smoothly, effectively and within budget.

Whether it’s designing a local area network (LAN), metro area network (MAN) or a wide area network (WAN) we start planning from the basics, first analyze your business needs and objectives. While keeping these objectives in mind we move into proven concepts of designing network changes based on the OSI network model. During the design process we break down your network into the logical units (layers) of the physical, datalink, network, transport, etc. Breaking the design into these pieces allows truly understanding the foundation that supports your business needs.  We will also help translate these concepts to you on a practical level.

Part of the process of designing a fully functional and efficient system are the locations of critical hardware components such as switches, routers, servers and phone equipment. We will work with your company to make recommendations that are appropriate to make your business a success.

Of course network design wouldn’t be complete without taking the future into consideration. Everyone knows that technology is on a rapid change of pace. Our plan will not only take what your business currently needs but also place an emphasis on what you could possibly need in the future. Collaborating with you, the customer, recommendations will be made that will help ensure your business is not only ready for today but also years into the future.

No plan is complete without partners to help in the process. We work with industry leaders in technology including Cisco, VMware, HP, APC, Microsoft, Q-Logic, and Promise. Working with these partners allows us to ensure delivering the network your business requires.