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Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Store Operations

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations can be run as a stand-alone application in individual stores with the full range of point-of-sale (POS) processes, Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations enables managers to maintain tight control over inventory, pricing, suppliers, promotions, customer information, and reporting. RMS Store Operations can grow with your business by adding features to a single lane or adding multiple lanes of POS. RMS Store Operations is an affordable way to upgrade from writing hand tickets or using a cash register.


• Discount entire sale or selected items at time of sale. • Receive payment(s) for individual invoices. • Process deposits on orders. • Create and process layaway, back orders, work orders, and sales quotes. • View daily sales graph at the POS.

• Supports multiple item types • Serialized (up to three serial numbers per item) • Matrix (apparel) • Lot matrix • Kits (items you fabricate; shows components) • Assembly (bill of material) • Weight (tare, actual) • Tag-along • Parent/child• Non-inventory• Attach item pictures.• Assign reason codes for inventory adjustments

• Automatically generate purchase orders (POs). • Quickly add items to POs using dialog window. • Quickly create new items while creating a PO. • Receive shipments. • Transfer inventory in/out.

• Put items on sale/promotion. • Set up happy hours and sales schedules.

• Protect information with built-in security systems for manager and POS programs.

• Drive increased sales with discount functionality, inculding mixed-case discounts. • Track purchases by date, price, and quantity. • Search by account information.• Enable Aged Receivables option.• Bill payments for net terms.

• Create customer accounts at the POS. • Set up multiple shipping addresses per customer. • Reprint customer statements and receipts. • Generate mailing lists. • Print accounts receivable aging report. • Print account activities report.

• Track and manage employee information. • Track employee performance. • Set up and manage sales commissions. • Send messages to cashiers. • Enter employee hours using integrated time clock and time card report.

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Headquarters

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters can manage a chain of stores, enabling managers to upload and aggregate inventory, sales, and purchase order data from across their entire business. It enables company-wide reporting, communication, and performance analysis.


• Centralize inventory tracking and management for each store and for the enterprise as a whole.

• Sales taxes can be programmed individually by store or by groups of stores per local regulations.

• Generate POs based on replenishment needs for all stores.

• Consolidated reports show sales breakdowns, identify slow-moving items and check sales for any day—by store location, item, department, category, customer, or taxes.